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About Us

The Tintomatic began operations in 1997, developing special machines and packaging systems. Over time specializes in mixers, releasing their first gyroscopic mixer called GL3000.

The main objective of Tintomatic was always develop high-tech products, convenience and affordability. Your 100% domestic production has a knowledgeable and efficient.

Today the company is a leading manufacturer of mixers and has models that meet all the needs of this market.
Its product portfolio includes volumetric metering manuals, fillers spray paint, automatic barriers and soon automatic metering for paints.

A company of principles that values integrity, honesty and respect for its clients and employees. The company offers quality and special prices to its customers, mainly partners of the country’s leading paint manufacturers.

“Our customer is our focus. We always seek the best to offer in terms of quality, security, convenience and efficiency – that’s our motto, “says Alessandra Sales – the company’s marketing manager.

The Tintomatic


Produce equipment with the latest technology and quality in order to offer our customers the best products and services in the market, meeting all their needs and exceeding their expectations.


An innovative company in constant search of the best solutions for the manufacture of their products.


Integrity, honesty, respect and transparency in all our actions.


Export to all countries.